Audio and Video

Take two under-employed middle-aged smart-asses and give them microphones and access to web-based recording software. Add the patient and talented cooperation of one of their former students, someone who really has a lot of better things to do, and what do you get but …

CrankPods, a sketch comedy scheme. Here’s one below, but hear the rest on YouTube.

All of the following links will take you to my other YouTube channel, where the videos reside. If you are looking for something in particular which is absent, it’s probably because it contains a copyrighted soundtrack.

The Stupid Spray

I’m putting this first, as it’s my favourite. Shows what you can do with enthusiastic actors, a budget of zero, and a … stupid? idea.

A brilliant young biochemist finds a way to make aerosol sprays that will temporarily make those who inhale them very much smarter than they were or very much … less smart. And you don’t want to see what happens when you mix them. Except you really do.

Revenge of the Stupid Spray

Makes no sense unless you’ve seen the first one above. And maybe not much sense after.

An evil genius locks those she blames for her misfortune in a room and challenges them to escape – or miss the music, romance, and especially the pageantry of the Snowball Dance.

So, seriously high stakes.

The Secret Life of John McCrae

This one was my most successful attempt at involving as many people in as many diverse situations as I could. John McCrae refers to a high school, not the actual person, who may have had a secret life but I doubt it. It’s really several short films about different parts of the JMSS social system and what they do when they think no one is watching.

The Battle of John McCrae

Students and teacher go toe to toe. A classroom of cross-purposed competition with play-by-play commentary.

The Ghost of John McCrae

This has nothing to do with either ghosts or John McCrae, the historical person. But, it will forever change how you view the universe. And your cell phone.

Strange inhabitants of a parallel universe keep showing up and being weird. Three concerned students find a way to re-boot the universe – with mixed results.